Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

I mentioned in a post at the beginning of the year that I wanted to make a more conscious effort to adapt to a low waste lifestyle, which I’m pleased to report is going well, with small changes making a big difference in our household and in November I started to think of ways that I could cut down on our waste over the holiday season and immediately started looking at zero waste gift wrapping ideas, Mr S & I don’t have many to buy for this time of year and for the two of us we decided last year (which worked really well) to get each other four gifts, something that we want, something that we need, something to wear and read, we have found that this way we are buying gifts that are much more thoughtful and practical and we aren’t spending unnecessarily, particularly when we are counting all the pennies at the moment.

Today I’ve decided to share a post centred around zero waste gift wrapping ideas, which I hope you enjoy and  can take a small piece of inspiration from.

I follow a fantastic blogger and YouTuber called Mamalina, you can find her blog here, she has recently hosted a project on her Instagram called “Seasons Greentings” which is aimed at highlighting the importance of consuming less over the festive period and she has some great ideas on how to reduce your waste when it comes to zero waste gift wrapping ideas giving, some of the following are inspired by Mamalina, I’m unable to take full credit and I wouldn’t want to, she’s super talented and passionate about living a zero waste and slow living lifestyle.

Brown paper bags

These are readily available anywhere and are much more affordable and recyclable that conventional gift bags. If you regularly shop at greengrocers you’ll probably find you come away with brown paper bags which can be of course reused.

Cardboard boxes

Chances are that at some point you’ll have cardboard boxes lying around, fully recyclable they are great for wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts and can easily be decorated or if your going for a rustic feel simply wrap in a string.

Glass Jars

We save all our glass jars no matter the size and even better if we can clean the lids and keep those too. Glass jars are perfect as they are a great choice for zero waste gift wrapping options all in themselves, simply tie a gift tag around the neck and you’re set, I made a handmade sugar scrub two years ago which went down a treat with my Mother in Law.


I don’t know about you but we still get a weekly free paper through our door which previously I have been recycling, but a few months back I started saving them along with the string that our weekly veg boxes are delivered in, which I can wait to pair together when wrapping our gifts this year, to add a bit of colour you can even add dried oranges or real foliage, a perfect choice for zero waste gift wrapping.

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