Wood Pallet Project: Sofa – Part One

I can’t quite believe that in January Mr S & I will have been in our new home for a whole year, like with everything, time has flown by so quickly.

Once we moved in I made a list of DIY projects that I was itching to get started on, however I have to admit making a wood pallet sofa wasn’t really at the top on that list, a quick back story our hand me down sofa that I’ve had for years, finally gave up the ghost a few months ago, unfortunately replacing it for a new one just wasn’t & still isn’t in our budget.

I’ve always had the idea of creating a sofa made of wooden pallets on my Pinterest board & plans to get one started one day & these recent events have really pushed to give it a go! After all, I’ve made a coffee table with pallets, how hard can a sofa be?!

After much research (getting lost in a youtube wormhole) later, I had a plan, so today I’ve decided to share part one of the project with you.

Step One: Arranging the pallets

So this was the easiest part of this step, I already had a rough idea of how I wanted our sofa to sit, so I just took the time with Mr S for lifting help to lay out the pallets in an “L” shape, with one pallet on its side to act as a back rest.

It turns out our pallets are huge, a lot bigger than we anticipated actually, which we totally don’t mind, but just be aware of this when choosing your own.

Step Two: Sanding down.

Once we’d decided on our layout we carted the pallets outside & I sanded down each one both top and bottom. The electric sander is now my best friend! I also took care to sand down the edges as well to avoid splinters where there won’t be any foam padding.

Step Three: Adding the metal finishings.

On the bottom two pallets I added one large castor wheel to each corner (I got all the finishings from Wilko) and secured with screws, making sure I drilled small pilot holes first.

I then secured all the base pallets together with “L” bracket on the sides, again making sure I drilled pilot holes first before securing.

Lastly, I secured the backrest pallet to the right side base with hinges, I thought this would be a great idea for if we move or rearrange the room then it can folded down manoeuvred easily.

I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made on the sofa & I can’t wait to get the foam added, as soon as I have I’ll update my blog with the next steps.

Are you planning any pallet projects? If so, I’d love to know how you get on!

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