Welcome to 2018

A fresh start, 365 fresh pages to this book entitled 2018.

This week we took down our Christmas Tree & all the decorations, usually I like to leave them up a little into January, but this year I felt ready to take on the new year & to be honest I don’t think I could do that properly whilst I still had remnants of December hanging around, as beautiful as it was.

So, I guess this is the part where I list off all my goals for this coming year? I’ve searched my brain for fun & creative ways to lay out this blog, but soon realised I was over complicating things, so I’m just going to list off a few of my personal goals which I’m hoping to have completed by this time next year & yes, I will be checking back in intermittently to let you know how I’m getting along.

Personal/Life Goals

Where do I start? I have quite a few…

Learn to drive
This is my main goal, above anything else this year. I’d like to learn how to drive, it’s something that I’ve not really been bothered about driving, but since being married & turning our attention to wanting to live somewhere other than city centres & where public transport might be a little less reliable, I have decided to take the plunge.
I don’t long for a fancy car or anything super expensive, just a little run-around that can get me from A-B & to the seaside once in a while.

Dive deeper into The Law of Attraction
I touched on this last year & started studying the law of attraction after discovering it through watching Emma Mumford’s youtube videos, I was instantly like, “I’ve got to try this” & once I started looking further into it I discovered how powerful & life-changing it can be. So this year I want to work even harder to put LOA into my every day routines & finally finish The Secret.

Put down my phone, laptop etc
Over Christmas & NY I decided to take a break from Social Media & technology & I have to say, it was the best decision I made throughout the year, I cannot recommend it enough in terms of improving your self-care routine & just generally for my wellbeing. I’m going to make conscious decisions this year to try & put my phone & all technology away after 8pm, giving me two real hours of the evening to unwind before bed.

Adopt a proper sleep routine
This is something I know I need to improve, I do believe I get enough sleep each night, but I’d like to improve the quality, it kind of goes hand in hand with cutting down on my technology usage, but not only that I want to try holistic/natural aids to get theist sleep I can.

Continue my low waste journey
Again, this is something I picked up last year; the Zero/Low waste lifestyle, I want to continue on this path, I’m really enjoying discovering a environmentally friendly way of living & I’m currently researching reusable menstrual products to try out.

Worry less
I tend to worry about small insignificant things that really I needn’t worry about at all, luckily my husband keeps me very balanced on this, I’m usually the dreamer, planner & “let’s get excited about everything before it’s even happened” one in the partnership & Mr S is the practical, realistic one, he also has the great knack of being SO laid back i.e. doesn’t worry about a thing. If he’s stressed, I know it’s serious. Anyway, I’m going to work on a worry journal to help me with this one.


You’ll notice none of these goals involve my blog, that’s because I’m not setting any for my internet self, to be honest I’m really enjoying this casual side to my blogging career (if you can call it that) that I have going at the moment, I’ve found that if I put too much pressure on myself with this part of me, I tend to just get myself terribly stressed out & I start to resent it.
I’m hoping that if I start to shift my focus on making myself & my personal life to make sure I’m completely content & happy then my blog views, stats & followers will improve.

That’s it, all I have planned for this year!

Tell me your goals for 2018

A Vintage Wife xx

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