Vintage blog by A Vintage Wife

Why, Hello there! Welcome to A Vintage Wife blog, dedicated all things thrifty & of course with plenty of vintage! 

This blog has been created by Kelly, that’s me at the top there… I’m a newly-wed & a vintage obsessed human living an intentionally thrifty lifestyle with my wonderful husband Mr. Sage. 

When I’m not thrifting, painting furniture or baking, you can find me on my yoga mat, usually meditating! I’m a fairly new yogi, but have been drawn to practice meditation & yoga regularly having started on my spiritual journey after becoming a vegetarian back in April of 2017 – if you’d like to hear more on this let me know!

I have been blogging for almost 2 1/2 years & first created a space on the internet dedicated to my love of crafts & DIY some time ago under the name KayCeeCreates, but with a wedding to plan & a life that took over, I sadly felt my little space on the internet slip through my fingers, now with my passion for blogging refuelled, I couldn’t wait to get back on that blogging horse, so I decided to give my blog a little makeover & soon after A Vintage Wife was born. 

This blog will be filled with all things vintage, my passion for the 1940’s & 50’s including everything from the fashion to the music & the lifestyle, along with my love for DIY & crafts as well as my tips for living an environmentally friendly and consciously all-natural thrifty life, yet, I must stress, being a frugal house wife by no means has to be, what some might say “boring” not on my watch!

You can also expect the regular baking & vegetarian food blog, with my new (secondhand) bread maker & slow cooker in tow, there’s not doubt I’ll want to bring you, loaves and casseroles a-plenty!

I am also a natural black hair enthusiast, I have been on my own natural hair journey for a little over 3 years after spending most of my teens, relaxing & applying heat to my hair I learned how damaging this was years later, I have been heat & relaxant free ever since & will be sharing my experiences & products I truly resonate with on my blog when I can.

Overall, I intend to share, everything I shared as KayCeeCreates, but with a finer, polished finish. 

You can also find me sharing my loves and life over on twitter, instagram & facebook 

So, what are we waiting for, let’s get our glad-rags on & hop to it shall we?!



I can be contacted for product reviews & sponsorship as long as it fits in with my lifestyle & if I truly believe in the product/service.

All content & thoughts are that of my own & nobody else’s unless stated, in the event that a post has been sponsored or a product has been gifted for review this will be clearly outlined in the post.

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, you can reach me at avintagewife@outlook.com or send a message through my contact page