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If you follow me on Instagram & you regularly watch my stories you’ll know that I have recently given our pallet coffee table a makeover, I painted it in a chalky white hue which I adore, when we first moved into our home, I really didn’t think I’d paint any of our furniture white, I’ve always had connotations of it looking really clinical & far too modern for my tastes, but I really like the rustic feel it gives.

The reason I’m here today is to share with you a simple DIY which I think has really uplifted the coffee table & completely transformed it from just a white wooden table to a rustic farmhouse dream.

Before I tell you how I made this vintage book decor, I have to mention that I was totally inspired by Sarah at Little Vintage Nest for this DIY & actually she has inspired me to bring more of the farmhouse feel into our home, which I will explain more on later, but I wanted to give a little mention to her as I think she’s fab & if you’re into home interiors with a rustic twist, she’s your lady!

Back the DIY – this really couldn’t be simpler, you just need to do a little hunting in charity shops or like me have a declutter of your current book shelf situation & choose a couple of books that you don’t mind messing up. Which is why I say either pick ones that you’ve spent little money on & that you’ve already read.

I had a huge declutter of our bookshelf last weekend & found a tonne of books that I haven’t touched or only read once that I’m unlikely to reach for again since purchase, I’d also like to point out now, that I rarely buy books brand new, my go to place for a good read is charity shops & I will always 100% recommend your local library if you want to get lost in a good book but don’t want the extra clutter.

I also added something extra to this to give it all the festive feels that can easily be removed to take you through the spring next year & beyond.

Are you adding christmas decor to your coffee table? If so tweet me I’d love to see!

Peace & Love

A Vintage Wife


You will need:

Old used books

Twine or ribbon, or both!

Faux Holly or Fir tree spruce


Stack your books whichever way you like, I chose to put the smallest book on top, just to add a bit of dimension & then wrap your twine or ribbon around the books as if you’re wrapping a present & add a knot.

Next, get ready to tie the ends into a bow, but before you do, place your faux holly on top of the know between your two ends & then secure again with another knot & finally finish with a bow.

Place on your coffee table or wherever you’d like a bit of rustic festive charm!

Tip! you can also paint a simple tea stain on the edge of your books to give it an extra worn in look.

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