Signing off 2017 with Christmas memories

So, here we are, 2017 is coming to a close & today I’m signing off my blog for another year, I’ve had the best comeback to blogging in the last 2 months than I could have ever imagined, I feel incredibly luckily to have worked with some lovely brands & have relaunched my blog here on wordpress.

Some of you may know, that blogging is not my job, I work full-time 9 to 5, in marketing, it’s my bread & butter if you will, it pays our rent & I enjoy it. Blogging, photography & crafts & DIY however are my passions, they are what I dream to be doing for years to come & so I’m happy, grateful & over the moon that I’ve been fortunate to juggle this for another year.

I’ll save my 2018 goals, for 2018, ready to inform you of all my exciting plans & aspirations, for now I’ll leave you all, my lovely readers with some of my favourite childhood Christmas memories, some of which I still do every year now I’m in my twenties.

I did mention on twitter that I will also be signing off from social media for the year on Christmas Eve, purely because I feel like it’s important for me to remain wholly present with my husband as we spend our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs, plus I just need a break from screens before I develop square eyes!

I would also like to take this moment to thank you, for sticking with me throughout the year, for without you, there’d be little point to this.

Have the most magical Christmas & New Year, love & cherish one another, be happy, peaceful & merry.


A Vintage Wife xx

On to the Christmas memories…

  1. That Christmas morning when both my brothers and I rushed down the stairs at the break of dawn sliding our gift bags, which were bigger than we were, behind us & nearly falling over in all the excitement.
  2. My youngest brother devouring EVERY one of both mine & my other brothers advent chocolates all in one go, leaving his own treats neatly behind their doors to continue to enjoy throughout the month!
  3. Sitting around the living room floor at the start of the Christmas holidays & highlighting all of the films and TV programmes on our must watch list.
  4. Ranking each part of our Christmas dinner into a score board of 1-10 & making sure we always saved the best until last. 10 being the best! Yorkshire puddings were always the best.
  5. That one year that all 3 of us got scooters & we spent the whole afternoon riding around our street like the happiest kids ever. We were.
  6. Spending the very first moment of Christmas Day in our PJs watching a short animation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on channel 5, whilst enjoying the biggest bowl of coco-pops.


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