Our Wedding Day

I’ve been so excited to write this blog post & I’m so happy to finally share it with you.

I’m now married after what felt like the most stressful wedding planning experience ever (although I only have this one to compare it to) Mr Sage & I had been engaged for roughly 2 years & overall we’d planned THREE weddings, & I’m so pleased to say that we finally settled on a super low key wedding (planned in 9 weeks may I add) with a small party in a pub afterwards for our close friends to join us for a dance.

I won’t bore you with the details on how we ended up planning three weddings, if you’d like to know more on that then let me know, I just want to get to the fun stuff & tell you about the day!

So, I was luckily enough to spend the night before my wedding with my two bridesmaids at home (well, Amy’s home) which was just what I wanted, I couldn’t have imaged spending the night in a hotel, I wanted to be in a familiar setting with just me & the girls so we could relax & enjoy the evening & that’s exactly what we did! Amy treated me like a queen & cooked us the yummiest vegan meal before we sat down to films & face masks & at this point I just felt like I was at a girly sleep over, the wedding nerves had yet to set in.

On the morning of my wedding, my lovely friend Hannah came by bright & early & me & the girls had our makeup done, it was all very chilled & utterly relaxed, I’m so glad I chose this as the way to start the best day of my life, around my most treasured people.

Once we were all ready we booked a taxi (yes, a taxi!) to our wedding venue…

Stephen & I planned a small ceremony of just 12 people including our absolute closest family & friends & the both of us at the registry office which is now located in a castle! & just had the most beautiful simple ceremony, yes I was so nervous walking down the aisle, but I just knew it was where I was meant to be, about to marry the love of my life.

So that was it, 2 years & plenty of stress, tears & cuddles later our vows were spoken & sealed with a kiss, we became Mr & Mrs Sage on Thursday 14th September 2017.

After the ceremony we had a few photos in the castle grounds & tried to “nail that confetti shot” I’m so pleased that my wonderful photographer manager to capture how elated, happy & wonderful we both felt in that moment. 

We then headed to a beautiful garden setting not far from our reception venue for a few more styled photos of us & our wedding party, not one to be deterred by the cold & rain I refused all manner of cover ups to keep me warm & strutted around like a wanna be princess in just complete contentment.

On to our reception, again simple & relaxed we enjoyed a gastro pub meal with our wedding party whilst music from the aptly named “Grub Playlist” (thanks Stephen!) played through Spotify.

Our party guests then arrived from 5pm & we just had a real knees up with toasts taking place later in the evening. Being a mid week wedding & short notice, for our evening guests we served only donuts & a sweets bar! which we let them know of ahead of time so they could prepare!

We did also have cake, which we forgot to cut! – we still put that down to the fact that we were having too much of a good time to worry. Our guests didn’t seem to mind & our sweet teeth were satisfied for a whole week afterwards as we took it all home to enjoy with prosecco.

All of my life I’ve never thought about a fancy wedding or being surrounded by hundreds of people, I never really knew I wanted to be someones wife really, until I met Stephen, I’m still actually trying to figure out just why he chose me, but I’m sure as heck glad he did.

For Stephen, my darling, my light, my love I’m so truly grateful to be yours.



*All photography by Megan Hewitt Photography

*If you wish to know a bit more about our selected suppliers (although there weren’t many!) please feel free to drop me an email.

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