Lady B Loves’ Birthday Bash

If you live in Norwich, then you’ll definitely be familiar with the Royal Arcade shopping quarter in the town centre. In my opinion it’s probably the best spot in town if you’re looking to shop independent, I’m talking fab quality, non-chain greatness. 

 Up till now I’d been waiting for Norwich to catch on properly to the pinup scene and I was longing for a pinup/vintage boutique to pop up, one, because we so desperately needed it and two, I didn’t always fancy trekking to the depths of London when I wanted to buy a new outfit.  

So you can imagine my pure delight when following a stroll into town last autumn, Mr Sage and I saw that the Royal Arcade would soon be home to the cutest little shop, Lady B Loves.   

 I have to say the lovely Jenny of Lady B Loves, did not disappoint, quite possibly all of my favourite brands under one beautiful roof, I honestly couldn’t have been happier if glitter fell from the ceiling! 

 Now a year on and several shopping trips later, Jenny celebrated Lady B Loves first birthday and I attended the event. I thought I’d died and gone to vintage heaven.  

 I’m not a huge lover of partying on a school night, but I simply had to be there to celebrate.  

The night brought plenty of glitter and more vintage than you could shake a stick at. The atmosphere was completely made with singing by Miss Nina Taylor and in the evening people were swing dancing away. I was sold on dance lesson for Mr Sage and I so perhaps I’ll be able to update you soon on some new found jiving skills! All in all I just adored the feeling of being transported back in time.  

 I did have my frugal hat on that evening though and resisted spending all this month’s budget, but I did however come away with a voucher which I will be saving to put towards a festive frock and I won on the raffle, spending £4 on tickets with proceeds going to charity.  

 I’m so happy to see Jenny and Lady B Loves having such great success, the shop is a true delight & a real treasure of Norwich.  

 Have you been into Lady B Loves? Is there somewhere in Norwich that you love to shop vintage?  

Let me know in the comments.  

 Peace & Love  

A Vintage Wife xx  



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