Halloween decorating on a budget

Mr Sage and I don’t usually go all out for Halloween, but this year I felt a certain bit of blogger envy when my twitter and instagram feeds lit up with photos of autumnal decorations. I figured I would get in on the action and spread a little spooky cheer of my own.

You can always tell Halloween is on the way come September, when Poundland has their AMAZING Halloween collection in stores. I picked up a couple of things last year and, with a few photoshoots lined up for my business, I knew I wanted to return this year for some more inspiration.

I’ve been shopping in Poundland for many years now and at first it was just a place to pick up the odd thing on the cheap. However, In recent months Poundland’s range has really improved, especially with the launch of their new clothing brand Pep & Co. If, like me, you’re not one for big name brands then you won’t be afraid to kit out your home or wardrobe with a few things from the pound shop.  

There is such a strong throwaway culture developing lately where decorations get discarded after holidays, just because it cost £1. In my opinion this attitude devalues things and is incredibly wasteful, not to mention bad for the environment. I’m all about stretching the pennies, so there’s no throwing away here I’m afraid!

I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I bought which won’t hurt your budget and if looked after can last year after year.


The first item on the list is paper pumpkins. They are fairly delicate so will require some looking after for safe keeping until next October, but they fold down really well and because they’re so dainty they won’t take up much storage space. I find that they are a great replacement for the real thing if you wanted to save some money and don’t want to be dealing with all that mess.

I love the experience of carving a real pumpkin and setting it up as a decoration, but I wanted to show an alternative as most pumpkins either go straight in the bin are left to rot. The other option would be to make a delicious pumpkin pie of course, this is a really good one I have found.

The second item I picked is a little ceramic tea light holder. This tea light holder was just the cutest and has a really lovely glow when a candle is lit inside. After Halloween I intend to wrap him up and store him safe for use next year.

The last item on the list is a small skull which I was thrilled to find as these glittery skulls are very on-trend at the moment. The skull also features blood-red glowing eyes when turned on, though I personally prefer it switched off. On top of being only a pound the skull also came with its own batteries so I saved money on those too! I love the skull so much that I am strongly considering keeping it displayed for the rest of the year. However, If I did decide to pack it away, a small piece of newspaper would be sufficient enough to keep it in good condition for next year.

All of these pieces are currently livening up our mantle piece along with some purple and orange candles which I managed to save from our wedding.

The grand total this Halloween comes to just £3 and with good care they will continue to look great year after year.

I would love to know what gems  you might have found this year. Or maybe there’s a certain recurring decorations you’ve had for ages. Let me know in the comments below.  

Happy Halloween,

A Vintage Wife xx

*This post has not been sponsored in anyway

*Written content has been proof read by Adam Brown

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