Going Foraging This Autumn

Mr S and I are so lucky to live where we do, to be so close to the city yet have beautiful views & walks right on our doorstep, for me, it’s just perfect, particularly when you want to go on an impromptu foraging trip.

I’m a home bird at heart and something I love nothing more is to spend a Sunday afternoon in the fresh air taking a stroll, followed by a home-cooked meal and a cosy snuggle on the sofa.

Which is exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago, (granted it was a Saturday, but I’m not fussy!) I actually wanted to collect some twigs and sticks for a DIY project that I’d set my heart on fuelled by the fire of Pinterest and with Mr S off from work for the day we decided to get out and have a little rest & recuperation and try our hand at a spot of foraging, something that we’ve never done before.

foraging meadow

As mentioned, we are lucky enough to live so close to a beautiful meadow, which in the Summer is occupied by wonderful Cows, which we are yet to see, but I’m told they reside there during the warmer months.

The meadow is magical, it’s so hard to believe that we are in a city whenever we visit as it’s genuinely so serene & great for walking your furry family members too.

We took a lap around the meadow, no phones, just us and it was honestly so welcome, me on the lookout for the best sticks for the project I had in mind & Mr S trying his best to muster up the same level of excitement for said sticks.

foraging meadow dandelions

foraging meadow berries

I honestly think walking is the best medicine and so great for unwinding and a little self-care, for me this little forage was the start of Autumn and Winter, I noticed all the changes in my surroundings, leaves were gorgeous oranges, yellows and browns, there was a dew in the air and it was just the right amount of cold…roll on Christmas walks now. I even managed to find all the right treasure for my DIY.

What’s your favourite part about an Autumn walk?

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