Foraged Festive Star

Its November, Bonfire Night is out of the way, which means I’m officially allowed to bring the festive content to my blog starting with my foraged festive star.

I’m beyond ready for Christmas & very excited to share a festive themed DIY for you today. To be totally honest this DIY is set to become an all year round decor piece for our home, but I did exclusively make it to give a rustic Christmas touch to the living room this year.

We recently went foraging in a meadow near our house & when I say “foraging” I mean walking around a meadow looking for twigs – never the less it was a beautiful afternoon & I came back with some treasures to create a Pinterest idea fuelled DIY which I thought might be worth sharing on my blog & a great way to start the festivities on my internet space.

foraged festive star decorative piece

I managed to find four pretty good twigs on our walk (sadly I didn’t come back with any Holly or Berries) and once home with my Pinterest board to hand, I set to work on bringing this foraged festive star to life.

It took me a few attempts to get the positioning as each of the twigs were slightly different lengths, so if you’re thinking of recreating this then try & find twigs that are roughly the same length, although I think the more mis-shaped the better!

foraged festive star twigs and twine

foraged festive star arrangements

Before getting started I took some heavy duty wire cutters & cut away excess branches and rough edges to give a fairly smooth finish.

Once I’d got the balance right I took a roll of twine & wrapped each joint at each point several times in a cross motion until both points of the twig were secure.

I then repeated the same process on all the points where two  twigs joined together to finish it off.

I really love how this project has come together & I think it’s really going to bring a rustic Christmas feel to our living space this year, I think it will style particularly well with my coffee table decor from last year.

Are you planning on foraging any festive decor this Christmas?

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