Finding This Little Space

Today I’ve decided to pick up my laptop & write another blog, it’s been approximately 4 months since I properly thought about blogging, after my last blog wen alive in March, I realised that I had so much that I wanted to do, that didn’t involve writing this blog & life took over.

It’s not been that long since I reinvented this space & unfortunately I just wasn’t feeling the need or the ambition, actually, to share much. 

But, over the last few week & month really, I’ve been missing documenting things & really I only ever wanted to create this space for myself & I’ve realised that actually this space is as much for me as it is the people who read it.

So, I’m back creating content, for myself & those who chose to read it, I’ll continue to share my loves, green low waste living & vintage.

I’m in a very good place at the moment & ready to share some exciting things that I’ve been working on & trips that I have planned with Mr. Sage.

Love, A Vintage Wife x

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