DIY Festive Reed Diffuser

December is here, my favourite time of year is almost upon us, which means a DIY is in order, today I’m going to show you how to make a simple DIY reed diffuser – of the festive kind! 

Christmas for me, is always filled with bitter sweet memories, it was always my Mum’s favourite time of year, which is where I think I get my christmas crazy from, naturally this time of year is always somewhat difficult for me, however I think part of the reason why I love it so much is that I want to continue living it just the way Mum would have…

I don’t think you can beat the smell of cinnamon, clove & orange spices in the air this time of year, plus this DIY reed diffuser is super affordable in terms on yield per cost, the only major spend here is the essential oils, which if you think about are a thrifty purchase as, trust me, a little goes a LONG way.

DIY reed diffuser cinnamon

These DIY reed diffusers can be tailored to any time of year but I find they are great for the festive season as they are much more affordable & in my opinion easily achieve that christmas scent moreover say, a pan of mulled wine & spice on the stove.

I’ll leave links to where I picked up all the supplies for this DIY reed diffuser, I really only needed to purchased the essential oils & as for the reeds and the bottle, these I have reused from an old reed diffuser, but all you’ll need is a glass jar or small bottle & you can make your own reeds by foraging twigs & peeling off the outer bark (let me know if you’d like a tutorial on this!)

DIY reed diffuser candle

I hope you’re having a magical start to December & let me know what you’re favourite christmas scents are or if you’ve tried this DIY, share it with me on instagram.

Peace & Love

A Vintage Wife



You will need:

Small glass jar or bottle

Reeds or foraged twigs

Pure Almond oil

Essential oils of your choice, I’m using Star Anise, Orange & Cinnamon.


Pour your pure almond oil into you glass jar until it’s just under a 1/3 full, ideally you want to use this sparingly, as I believe a little goes a long way, however use as much as you desire, it will depend on how long you want your scent to last.

Then simply add 4 drops of each of your oils into your almond oil, use the oils to your discretion if you don’t want one more over powering than the other then adjust accordingly, but I think 4 drops of each is enough to get a good mix.

Next give your bottle a little swish & then add your reeds, after 15 minutes, flip the reeds over, this will ensure they soap up enough oil initially to fill the air with the scent.

You’re then ready to place your diffuser where ever you chose, I like to sit mine on the mantel piece or side table in our front room as it’s the first place we come into when we open our front door, plus it looks super cute next to my coffee table decor! 

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