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I know I’m not alone in my love affair with burning scented candles around the home, especially this time of year there is something magical about have a winter scent lingering in the air, I often get to the end of candle and just end up leaving the glass in its place without thinking about that little bit of leftover wax hanging out in the bottom and I thought to go along with our new found low waste lifestyle I could start creating new repurposed candles.

repurposed candles finished

I did spend some time last year creating my own candles using soy wax flakes, however candle making can become costly if you’re wanting to create candles of similar size to Yankee candles for example, which is why repurposed candles can be a great alternative to reducing waste and re-creating yourself a little treat, you can even add essential oils into the mix to create some yummy scent combinations, you’d like some inspiration you can read this post here.

There are a few basic steps to repurposing candles and really all you need are few tools to get you going, hopefully you’ll already have a glass jar or mug that you want to create your repurposed candles in, for this project I just used and old coffee jar, of course I have it a good clean out first.

repurposed candles melting wax

Other things you’ll need are:

A wick and wick base.

I have wick thread which I cut to length and attach the base separately, but these ones from hobby craft are great for those just starting out.

Hot glue or E6000

For this project I used the last of an E6000 tube which I had from years back, although I won’t be repurchasing these, I’ve read that they aren’t very kind if you get any on skin, either use a hot glue gun or do your research into other brands.

Leftover candle wax or Soy wax flakes

The majority of my repurposed candles are made from leftover wax but I do sometimes melt down a little Soy wax flakes to top it up if I haven’t filled the container enough.

Essential oils (if you’d like to mix up scents)



Firstly prep the containers you wish to use for your repurposed candles, take you wick and base and secure together but cutting your desired length with a little extra allowance and threading one end through the centre of the base before tying off the end to secure (if you have pre-made wicks you won’t need to do this bit.)

When you’re ready tie the other end of your wick quite firmly around a pencil or anything that will sit comfortably on top of your container whilst the repurposed candles are setting. Make sure you do this before you glue the base to the inside of your container, before now I’ve accidentally pulled wicks from the containers whilst trying to tie on a pencil to the other end.

To get started with the wax, remove the left over wax from the old glass containers, depending on how much you have left it can be tricky to take out, but more often than not when the wax is cold it should just slide out.

Next, if you have large pieces of wax left break these down into smaller pieces before you melt, this just means it won’t take too long to melt down.

Take your wax and place in a heat proof dish and create a bain-marie set up over the hob by filling saucepan smaller than the bowl with water and simmer on a medium heat, place the bowl on top with your wax in and stir occasionally until melted.

If you have a microwave you could place your wax in a microwave safe jug and melt it this way.

Once your wax is melted now is the best time to add any essential oils if you choose to, once your happy that all the wax is sufficiently broken down, pour the wax into a jug that you’re not too fussed about getting messy and then carefully pour from your jug into your prepared candle containers, taking care to stay away from the wick whilst pouring.

When you’ve filled your container you could leave your repurposed candles to set at room temperature, but I like to place mine in the refrigerator over night before burning, either way once the wax meets room temperature it will start to solidify again so you do have to act quite quickly.

When your repurposed candles are set just trim off the excess wick and they’re are ready to burn and enjoy all over again.

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