DIY Christmas Baubles

Every single year we say it & 2017 is going to be no different, where has the year gone? & can you believe it’s nearly Christmas?!

As always I’m usually ready for the festivities to begin around September, but I know that it’s probably not socially acceptable to start decking the halls so early, so Mr Sage manages to keep the reigns on me until about this time every year for the past almost 4 years.

When I first decided I wanted to relaunch my blog, I knew that I wanted to bring lots of Christmas content back, & hopefully tackle some projects I’ve had on my Pinterest boards for ages! However I also knew I wanted to make them as affordable & thrifty as possible, so I contacted the good people at Little Crafty Bugs & explained that I was working on some Christmas content, frugal living style & would they be interested in working together again, luckily they said yes!

So we exchanged ideas & agreed on a simple DIY that could be easily achieved in under £12 – (maybe even £10 depending on how many you wish to make) that I’m SO excited to share today.

I’m a huge lover of decoupage, basically it involves ripping paper & gluing it to objects, I love it mostly because it’s such a nostalgic craft, it always takes me back to when I was small & first got my hands on the arts & crafts cupboard at school – I guess you could say that’s my love for DIY began, but I also love it because it’s so simple to achieve.

I picked out some festive, vintage inspired decoupage paper which immediately made me think of a vintage christmas bauble that my mum had as part of her collection (which I still have to this day) so of course I had to recreate said bauble.

I then chose two packs of some christmas circa 1980’s/90’s shaped decoupage baubles, which I just had to have, along with some glitter, how could I pass that up?

So, without rambling on much further let me tell you how I made them!

Are you planning to make your own decorations? If so, let me know how you get on!

You will need:

Decoupage baubles

Decoupage glue


Decoupage paper

Glitter – optional


Paint on your decoupage glue to one section of your bauble, to begin I would advise apply thin layers first & building upon that after you’ve added the paper.

Tear of segments of your paper, any which way you like & apply this to the glued section of the baubles, keep applying the paper around the bauble until it’s covered & add more layers as you see fit.

To make the glitter baubles, I simply painted the glue on in the same way & then sprinkled glitter over the top & shook off the excess.

I want to say a very big thank you to Little Crafty Bugs for sending me the products, in order to be able to create this post! I had the best time making these baubles.


Shop Supplies: 

Paper Mache Baubles 

Decoupage Paper 



*Products featured in this post have been gifted in exchange for review/feature.

*This post has not been sponsored in any way.

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