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If you’ve read my last post you’ll know that Christmas is officially upon my blog, this weekend the tree is making it’s 2018 debut and I’m totally okay with it, Mr S on the other hand, time will only tell. Today, I’m sharing another festive DIY, last weekend I gave one of my photos frames a new lease of life and created this rustic inspired chalkboard photo frame, much like my last Christmas project it’s one that I can keep on display all year around, but it looks particularly at home this time of year.

chalkboard photo frame feature

chalkboard photo frame ribbon

My photo frame is this one, from a local independent brand Ivy Joan, I first discovered Ivy Joan a few years ago at a blogger event and completely fell in love with them, I just love the vintage style and in particular this frame has a distinctly industrial feel as well which is what attracted me to it, but you can use any photo frame that takes your fancy.

Once completed I decided to hang this little chalkboard photo frame on our living room door, it sits perfectly with our hearth wreath, but I think after Christmas I’m going to use it in the kitchen as a mini memo board.

chalkboard photo frame paint

You will need:

1 photo frame

1 tin small tin of chalkboard paint (I have this tin from Wilko)

1 paint brush (also from Wilko)


Start by wiping down the glass in your photo frame to remove any dust or residues, this will help the paint have a stronger grip.

chalkboard photo frame

Next, apply a thin coat of chalkboard paint before leaving to dry, add as many layers as desired, I chose to paint two layers and I decided to keep the paint away from the edges of the glass with the brush marks visible as I feel this adds to the character, but you can do whatever floats your boat.

Once dry you’re then free to add on your script, sticking with the festive theme, I chose “Merry and Bright”

chalkboard photo frame painting

chalkboard photo frame pen

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