All-Natural Period Remedies

2018 is the year I kick my natural lifestyle journey up a notch, I touched on this last year & did lots of research on switching out painkillers for holistic alternatives, coupled with being more conscious about what I’m adding to my diet, I’m really starting to feel the benefits.

This year my aim is to transition to a low/zero period, which I’m really excited to explore, this really came about as a potential lifestyle change for me late 2017 & since then I’ve been looking at ideas for all-natural remedies to get me through my period so I’m not only pain-free (or at least as pain-free as possible) but also so that I’m in tune with my body & know exactly where I’m at with my cycle.

So, in the spirit of an all natural period I thought I’d share today my go-to fixes that have helped me through…

Hot Water Bottle

Of course, everyones favourite when Mother Nature comes a-knockin’ I’m no different when I get my period, I usually heat one up & place it on my back just before I go to sleep, I find my cramps are much worse during the night & on the first day of my cycle so I know exactly when I need it most.

Back rubs

I usually rope my husband in to this one, leaning forward in a seated position I find gives me temporary respite from cramps. If you can use a few drops of essential oils as well, even better!


As much a I hate the thought of any kind of exercise when I’m on my period, a few deep breathes in downward dog or child’s pose honestly make me feel ten times better, I usually do this on day two of my period, when I’m feeling a little more able to leave the foetal position.

I couldn’t really write this blog post without mentioning a good bubble bath, there is something about a good soak in a warm bath that really works wonders for my period. Before Christmas I was gifted a jar of bath salts from Forage Botanicals, which I now use not just during my period but in pretty much all my baths, so much so that I was worried I run out before taking these photos!

Forage Botanicals is owned by the lovely Natasha, she is a Medical Herbalist, so she really knows her stuff! Natasha makes all her products by hand, each created specifically for woman to have a natural peaceful period without the need to take painkillers.

I have used these Waning Moon Bath Salts in the days leading up to my period & during my most painful days & I can honestly say, they have truly helped in making me feel much more relaxed when I’m feeling truly rubbish.

Waning Moon Bath Salts are made with Epsom & Dead Sea Salts which soak into & relax muscles when added to a hot bath & the Lemon essentials oils, really made me feel much brighter & are a perfect addition to my baths before bed. I usually really struggle during the night when I’m in the midst of my period, but these salts had a really positive effect & I have to say I slept much better having used them.

These salts contain only the good stuff, Clary Sage, Bergamot & Cedarwood oils, which combined together are such a positive, natural alternative to taking tablets. The jar is super generous & I have roughly half left that I’m actually considering buying a jar, mixing them with some lavender & making some pouches to put under my pillows. 

I’m actually looking forward to continuing using these every month & reaping the benefits, Natasha also has so many other products which I can’t wait to try also.

What are your favourite things to help with your period?

A Vintage Wife xx

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